Through the Ivy Circle

Sebastian the Cat and the Sagwanda Rebels


A witty black cat protagonist, an inchworm spy, a mouse army, and a grueling eight-legged horse race – they are all part of the adventure in my middle grade animal fantasy Sebastian the Cat and the Sagwanda Rebels.

Sebastian is a black cat who can spend hours mulling over just the right word to describe a sunny spot on the driveway, but he can only utter “meow” until a strange boy leads him and his rag tag companions into a pre-industrial world where all creatures speak one language.

Now graced with the gift of gab, Sebastian learns that the boy led them to this land because an evil General has overthrown the benevolent Sorceress and killed all the black cats who can communicate telepathically with her. When the boy is captured, Sebastian and his friends must team up with the Sorceress and her native Sagwanda rebels to rescue him or they can never return back home.

With a Sorceress speaking in his head, Sebastian must keep his sarcasm to a minimum as he fights along side a mouse army, takes advice from a spy inchworm and falls head-over-paw for a beautiful, bent-tailed Angora who heads the Cat Resistance. But most important, he must protect his impulsive twelve-year old human when she agrees to partner with the boy to defeat the General’s horses in the treacherous Eight-Legged Race.

Only Sebastian can save them from the General who has rigged the racetrack with deadly booby-traps and help the Sorceress to win back the faith of her people, but first this reluctant cat hero must find faith in himself.

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