Children’s Books

These are some of my published children’s book titles. Look for more as I begin to work on more fiction!

Where’s Weenie?

Where, oh where, can Weenie be? Help Oswald find Weenie in this playful lift-the-flap story.

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Barnes & Noble

Blue’s Clues Color Finder

Go on a colorful adventure with Blue and Magenta as they help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper prepare a surprise for the Color Fair!

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Nick Jr.
Abe Books

Ghost Horse Whisperer

Thirteen-year-old Brie has a gift. She can speak with horses. What she didn’t know until she discovered a phantom horse named Wisteria haunting her family’s new property is that she can also talk with ghost horses.

Set in both 1935 and present day, Ghost Horse Whisperer follows two dramatic story lines. In 1935, Wisteria and her young jockey Eddie are on a winning streak at an illegal racetrack but face the daily dangers of jealous grooms and greedy gangsters. In the present, Brie must confide in her new friends, Sam and Penny, about seeing a ghost horse so they can help her solve this mystery. Along with Sam’s Mohawk Grandmother (Tota) who is Iakhihsohtha (meaning She sees things), they encourage Wisteria to go to the Light, but she refuses. She is waiting for her beloved jockey, Eddie, to return.

As Wisteria and Eddie struggle to stay safe in 1935, Brie, Sam and Penny dig into their rural town’s history, learning about the illegal track that once existed on Brie’s family property. But who was Eddie? And who is the threatening poltergeist knocking over objects in the broken-down racing barn? The story lines slowly merge as our young detectives discover more and more clues surrounding the mysterious ghost horse. The truth is finally revealed in a climactic scene in which Tota channels the poltergeist and the kids’ horses charge in to help in the poignant quest to free Wisteria’s spirit so she can go to the Light and rejoin Eddie.

Ghost Horse Whisperer is a middle grade mystery sure to captivate kids who love tales of suspense, ghosts and horses. It’s a spooky and often humorous journey where our three sleuths delve into a towns’ secret past and discover a love story between a racehorse and her jockey so powerful that it keeps her stuck in time.

Literary Agent:
Liz Nealon, Great Dog Literary
phone: 917-207-8703